SITUATION:  There was a need for an UI/MDF application/tool that would automate many of the tasks currently done by a Knowledge Engineer to generate and OWL file of an enhanced Ontology, that then can be validated, visualized to provide AI assistance in medical diagnostics.
TASK:  I was the principal Product Designer on a team of 6 - product, development and engineering specialists. After extensive research of the existing application & input from product owners it was clear that less trained users needed a more user-friendly application that would prompt them along the way to the various steps needed to be able to create and validate an OWL file. The application built by developers lacked all the best principles of design and usability for HCI and thus was limited in its' use by a programmer or KE only.

ACTION: Applying best usability  and design principles with responsive design, I sketched wireframes until we arrived consesus on the process and features of the application. Then, I designed a prototype with clean, branded page layouts, making large icons on the pages for progressing through the steps in the desired sequence, understandable by an administrator even without engineering training, and using fewer workspaces. This further clarified, simplified, and made more intuitive the complex process of creating an OWL file and a raw version of KVT from the client’s CSV or other document.
RESULTS:  After I prototyped the clarified and simplified UI of this brilliant early AI based application, designed by one of the developers at the company, it was then demonstrated to and tested by potential users. But the initial outlay to actually build the application was not within the reach of this small company and would have to wait for additional sponsors to make it happen.

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