SITUATION: PepsiCo legacy New Item Tracker, Quaker Forecast Tracker and Gatorade Forecast Tracker apps lacked branding, consistency, usability & connectivity. 
ACTION: In my redesign, I worked closely with the product owner to clearly understand the content, usage, and user roles, which would determine my UI design. The use of PowerApps components was a marketing request. 
ACTION: Through demos, feedback and walk-throughs, I researched and designed a new usable UI for all the brands, maximizing PowerApps for functionalities, consistencies and incorporating individual branding for each of 3 PepsiCo brands.  
RESULTS: In the key user group of account managers and sales representatives, ​​​​​​​the user satisfaction rate was 100% as forecasting was simplified and the UI could be used more intuitively without extra training.

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