TASK: There was a legacy version of the application, even difficult to use by engineers. I started with research of user needs, demos by the head engineer, and walk-throughs to understand the content. ACTION: My UX UI design for the new WarnerMedia application relied on consistent navigation and a design system I created with reusable components. The filters were consolidated on an icon-linked filter panel as were the services. The tabs provided additional navigation and revealed page details, thus allowing for clarity of purpose on the pages - each designated with a header. The detail views appeared right under the selected table row as an overlay on the page. Thus, you could see all the details and media status from the same page. Consistent branding and colors differentiated the pages further while adding to the intuitiveness of the task flow keeping the focus constantly on the task at hand. Images were fitted into the details table with contextual buttons. RESULT: The application was built by the developers on our team, with close collaboration on Slack, providing annotated files and constant quality review. Thus, design errors could be modified early and development could proceed without loss of time in the agile sprints. The application was built and received a good response from the engineers that were the main user group. The more complex dashboards were also slated for development at a later date.

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