My first project as UX Architect in IBM Design Services Group was the redesign of IBM High Performance Dashboard which provides live financial data for Senior Management reviews. After extensive research of the existing application, I internalized the usability pain points for
key users, as a guide for an improved version.
I worked with both, a small core team (3 product managers, 1 visual designer, one developer, and myself), and an extensive global team of 22, to envision the potential look and feel of the modified application. I made numerous sketches, with iterative revisions based on feedback, proceeding to wireframes and low-fidelity prototype, until consensus was reached on viable features and functions that could be completed within the time frame in v2,
I delineated the structure and navigation of the application with wireframes. After discussions with development to determine what was possible, I created a user-flow, worked with visual designer to create InVision prototype, and made adjustments as needed, based on additional input, until design was completed and documented for developers. The project was deemed successful with very positive feedback.

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