SITUATION:  WarnerMedia legacy Media Transport Dashboard and Tracking Application was inconsistent, non-intuitive, slow,  usable largely by an IT engineer and caused programming failures.
TASK:  I was the principal Product Designer on a team of 10 - IT, product, development and engineering specialists. After extensive research and walk-throughs of the existing application & input with demos from the head engineering user,  it was clear that less trained users needed a more intuitive application that would help prevent them from missing deadlines and key programming media components. The legacy application was totally non-intuitive, required multiple workspaces, and basically could only be tracked by an engineer.

ACTION: My knowledge-gathering consisted of understanding the usage, determining a logical task flow, and then proceeding to UX, UI, stylesheets and QA assist. Applying best usability  and design principles with responsive design, I sketched wireframes until we arrived consensus on the process and features of the application. Then, I designed a prototype with clean, branded page layouts, allowing for the user to interact at every stage in the UI with clear steps, and prevent programming delays and incomplete content in all offerings.
RESULTS: The redesigned UI was built, delivered, and tested providing a well-designed, usable, and more intuitive
application for coordinating, and troubleshooting  key components of major programming offerings by the stations.
Below, my concept sketches and prototype for real-time dashboard providing stats for all media. 

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