TASK: I did extensive research on the Application before joining Global IBM Security Services team remotely as the  UX UI design lead. The key challenge was to work collaboratively with product managers and global team, to illustrate convincingly the shortcomings of existing design, back this up with user research, get buy-in for major UIX redesign, followed by iterative execution with global team interaction, all with a tight deadline.  ACTION: My work methodology was a rapid step-by-step logical process: UIX audit of existing design, under best usability and design practices in field, to illustrate shortcomings and potential improvements; white-board sketches of improved design features to get quick buy-in from key product team members to proceed with application redesign; multiple interviews with key global users to incorporate their feedback iteratively in redesign; initial mobile version (with color palette, font hierarchy and styles) as mock-ups for team review; review sliders and prototypes, for additional features, to create full version. RESULT: After numerous prototypes to  product owners and clients, involving mock-ups and demos by me, consensus was reached on definite version of key pages of a redesigned Business Process Manager Application, to be developed by an external group of developers.

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