SITUATION: FIS legacy Enterprise SaaS collateralized loan apps were first in class & globally used, but lacked usability, consistency, branding, and relied greatly on the help desk for usage.
TASK: As principal UX UI designer, my immediate focus was enhanced usability, consistency and branding of three SaaS financial enterprise applications with a huge global user base. I created branding and remodeled the key applications with progressive revision steps, demonstrating and explaining the benefits of the modifications. By working iteratively with the product manager, using low and high fidelity mock-ups, we gradually arrived at viable visual coherence for realistic implementation. 
ACTION: Working closely with developers, I provided annotated mock-ups and revised QA results, for additional changes required to achieve consistency in UI components. New features were being constantly added, and necessitated continued updates. After extensive research on financial mobile applications, I found that there was no comparable application. Thus, I also became an advocate for and started designing a mobile version of the key application. Working closely with the product manager, I provided visual mock-ups for decision to create mobile application with limited content, using jQuery to prototype for iOS and Android.
As in-house agency Art Director, I created all marketing materials, ads, email blasts, and sales collateral – from concept through production with complete graphics and assets. For presentations and pitches, I created mockups and demos; for all web applications, I created UI design, icons, stylesheets, and all assets. I was integral to the innovations of amendment voting and real-time deal dashboard for SyndTrak – designing and styling the UI.
RESULTS: FIS SyndTrak became the most acclaimed, globally used and most feature-rich collateralized SaaS loan application of its' kind. 

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